Export and import drivers for Windows

If you want to export all installed drivers from your PC so that you can either save them as a backup or import them on another PC, you will find a solution here.

The export of the drivers in Windows can also be useful if you used on systems drivers, of which you will have no more installation package and possibly also not offered more as a download from the manufacturer of the device.

To export the drivers you have to start a command prompt with administrative rights and enter the following.

dism / online / export-driver / destination: “DRIVE: FOLDER NAME”

It is important that the folder to which the drivers are to be exported must already exist. So if necessary, please create a suitable folder beforehand, eg ” C: Driver “.

The driver export process then looks like this.

Driver export

In this example, a total of 8 device drivers were exported and stored in the “C: Driver” directory. An individual directory is then created in this target folder for each driver, as you can see below.

Exported Windows drivers

The Windows driver export is now complete.

Windows driver import

Unfortunately, the DISM command does not support importing the previously exported drivers. The only way to import the Windows drivers is via the device manager, and the quickest way to do this is with the shortcut


can call. Then you search for the device for which you want to import the exported driver .

Search for driver software on the computer

Then you can in the tab


about the point

Update drivers

specify the path of the exported device driver.

Search computer for drivers

You do not need to select the correct subfolder, the overlaid export folder is sufficient, in our case ” C: Driver “. It is important that your catch

Include subfolders

activated so that Windows searches all driver folders for the appropriate device driver and then installs it after confirming ” Next “.

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