Enable spell checking in Outlook

Anyone who writes e-mails should also be basically interested in the spelling being correct . Outlook is already set up by default so that it examines the words for spelling errors and underlines errors in red. Most of you probably know this function.

However, in all Outlook versions you can explicitly activate a spell check before the sender of the email , which searches the entire email text for errors and shows you this accordingly and also gives suggestions on how to spell it correctly. Below we have shown you this using an example.

Office 365 with active spell checking

In this case, the word ” Windows ” is misspelled. Outlook then shows this in red in the spell checker and suggests the correctly spelled word to you. You can also adopt this word directly in the word test and have it automatically corrected, or you can ignore the word suggestion .

Basically, this Outlook spell checker is a wonderful feature that everyone should activate. The following shows how you can do this for the different Office versions.

Spell check in Office 2016 or Office 365

For Office 2016 and Office 365, you first have to do the following:

File / Options / Email

There you will find the decisive hook to be set relatively high up:

Always check the spelling before sending

Outlook 2016 and Office 365 - Always check spelling before sending

After confirming ” OK “, the Outlook spell checker is activated immediately.

Spell checker in Outlook 2007

With Office 2007, spell checker activation works a little differently. There you call the following:

Tools / Options / Spelling

Here the option is called something different

Spell check before sending

We have shown you here in the original.

Outlook 2007 - Spell Check Before Sending

Here, too, the spell check is immediately active after confirming ” OK

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