Download Final Edge Chromium (Stable) Official Version

As promised, Microsoft has completed the Edge Chromium and made it available for download . You can download the final version of the Edge Chromium (stable version) directly , you will find the appropriate download link at the end of this article.

After the Edge Chromium download you can immediately start installing the Edge Chromium in the final version. However, you should close all open Edge windows before installing the Edge Chromium Stable . After installation, the Edge Chromium installer begins  downloading the installation files.

Downloading the new version of Microsoft Edge ...

This process takes only a few seconds and then the Edge Chromium installation begins immediately .

The new Microsoft Edge version is installed

The installation takes only a few seconds. Immediately after the start, the Edge Chromium is started and you can see the following window in the Edge.

Welcome to the new version of Microsoft Edge

Here you can have a few useful functions of the new Edge Chromium shown. Then the Edge Chromium starts and you can use the browser in its final version . If you have already tested the Edge Chromium in beta version , you will surely find your way around. However, the changes to the old Edge are not so serious that there should be problems with the new Edge Chromium.

Welcome to the new Microsoft Edge

What is striking, however, is the hint that the official Edge Chromium is already available for download for iOS and Android devices . A look at the current version number currently shows the Edge Chromium version 79.0.309.65 (official build) .

Edge Chromium version 79.0.309.65

In the task bar , the Edge Chromium installation program has replaced the familiar Edge Icon with the new Edge Chromium Icon .

We hope you enjoy using the new Edge Chromium browser . Below you will find the direct download link.

– Download Edge Chromium

By the way, Microsoft will gradually roll out the Edge Chromium via Windows Update in the next few weeks. If you want to prevent this expectation and initially want to do without the Edge Chromium, you can find out everything in our article “Prevent Microsoft Edge Update on Edge Chromium “.