Download and install Microsoft Edge Browser Chromium Beta

Microsoft has recently released the first public bet version of the Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser based on the “Chromium Open Source” project . This beta version of the Edge Chromium can now be downloaded and installed by anyone for free. Everything you need to consider when downloading the Edge Chromium and installing it can be found here in the Edge Chromium tutorial .

Download Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta

You can download the Edge Chromium Beta from the following website.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta Channel

Here you can now click the button

Download for Windows 10

Download the beta version from Microsoft Edge Chromium . The following queries about the license terms then appear.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta Channel license terms

After ” Accept and download ” the download of the Edge Beta Installer begins , as can be seen in the figure below.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta Download

Now you have the installer


to start the installation process from the Edge Beta . Then the following additional windows open, which you can download

Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta Downloading

and inform the installation of the Edge Chromium Beta .

Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta installation

This entire download and installation process from Edge Beta Chromium is surprisingly quick. After a few seconds you will already see the start window of the newly installed Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta Browser .

Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta first launch

Now you can already use the new Edge Chromium Browser and gain your experience with the Edge successor . A look in the info window of the Edge Chromium Beta then also shows the following:

Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta Info

Here you can see that the Microsoft Edge is up to date.

Microsoft Edge is up to date.
Version (Official Build) beta (64-bit)
This browser is made possible by the Chromium open source project and other open source software

The Edge Chromium Beta Browser also exchanged two new icons. The Edge Chromium Beta is shown on the desktop as follows.

and in the system tray it looks like this.

We hope you enjoy testing and trying out the new Edge Chromium Beta Browser .

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