Display the number of failed logins on the Windows PC

Today we would like to introduce you to a very unknown function , which is, however, very useful. After all, it is possible to display credentials on the screen after a successful login using Group Policy before the actual desktop is displayed.

This means that each user can see when the last time they successfully logged on to a PC or how often the login attempt failed before this successful login.

We have shown you 2 different login information.

Last interactive login to this account

Here you will be shown in the ” Registration successful ” area when you last successfully logged on to this PC.

Last interactive login to this account

Number of failed login attempts since account creation

Here you can see how often the user has failed to log on to this PC in the past .

These displays are displayed to the user immediately after the password has been successfully entered . Thus, it also increases security for the user, because he may be able to recognize whether another person has successfully logged on with his account or has made invalid login attempts .

You can activate this registration information via group policy. Go to the GPO area

Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Login Options

Then there is the GPO

Show information about previous logins when logging in

If you activate this GPO , the login information shown above will be displayed after the Windows login.

Show information about previous logins when logging in

Microsoft also announced the following information about this sign-in GPO .

This policy setting controls whether the system displays information about previous logins and logon failures to the user .

If you enable this setting for local user accounts and domain user accounts that come from at least one functional level of Microsoft Windows Server 2008, a message is displayed after the user login with the date and time of the last successful login of this user; the message also shows the date and time of the last unsuccessful login under this user name and the number of unsuccessful login attempts that have been made since the last successful login of this user. This message must be acknowledged by the user before the Microsoft Windows desktop is displayed to the user.

If you enable this setting for domain user accounts in domains of the functional levels Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 uniform or Windows 2000 mixed, a warning message is displayed, stating that Windows could not obtain the information; the user cannot log on. For this reason, you should not enable this policy setting if it is not a Windows Server 2008 functional level domain.

If you disable or do not configure this setting, no messages about previous logins or logon errors are displayed.

This group policy should actually be activated to increase the security and protection of user accounts.

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