Display or adjust Windows 10 indexing settings (options)

The Windows 10 indexing service for fast retrieval of information and files . The Windows search function is not a new feature of Windows 10 or a special feature update, it has been available since Windows XP.

This is all controlled by a special Windows service, which is

Windows Search

or also called ” WSearch “. You can call this up at any time via the Windows service management (services.msc) . Microsoft describes the service as follows:

Provides content indexing, property caching, and search results for files, email, and other content.

This Windows search service runs all the time in the background and indexes files and information from specific locations and storage locations. It is therefore not surprising that this Windows search service is often deactivated , since it consumes some system resources that clearly require performance from the Windows system. Especially with older and slower PCs , which may still have a conventional HDD and not an SSD , it is advisable to switch off Windows indexing. How this works will be published in another post here on Windows FAQ.

Today we would like to show you how you can get more information about the indexing status and the indexing settings. The easiest way to do this is to open the Windows Control Panel or the Windows Settings app using the following key combination.

In the settings window then simply the term


enter and the following will be displayed.

Indexing options

When you call up these ” indexing options “, the first thing you see is how many elements have already been indexed. In our case there are 4,451 elements that have been successfully indexed. It also indicates that indexing has been completed .

Windows 10 initiation options

Furthermore, you will be shown the locations that are included in the Windows search function or for which storage locations the identification is carried out. In this case it is

  • User folder (user profile without AppData)
  • Internet Explorer history
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Start menu

You can then make further settings using the “Change” or ” Advanced ” function . With ” Stop ” you can stop the Windows indexing service accordingly.

As already mentioned, we will discuss further options for the Windows indexing service in further articles .

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