Disable Windows administrator approval mode

We have already reported on the restrictions of the local administrator in Windows 10 . You will find the appropriate entry under ” This app cannot be opened – Windows 10 administrator account “, for which we have shown you how you can circumvent the restrictions of the administrator under Windows 10 with a registry change.

The same is also possible via local group guidelines. We describe how this works here below.

First you have to call up the editor for local group policies (gpedit.msc) and switch to the following GPO path.

Computer Configuration / Windows Settings / Security Settings / Local Policies / Security Options

There are a lot of group guidelines, but the right one is called

User Account Control: Administrator approval mode for the built-in administrator account

Below you can see the GPO editor image with the corresponding guideline:

User Account Control Administrator approval mode for the built-in administrator account

By default, this group policy is ” deactivated “. In order to switch off the Windows 10 restrictions of the local administrator account, you have to ” activate ” this group policy .

Microsoft gives the following additional information about this GPO:

This security setting controls the behavior of administrator approval mode for the built-in administrator account.

Available options:

Enabled : The administrator approval mode is used for the integrated administrator account. By default, the user is prompted for approval of each operation that requires elevated rights.

Deactivated (default setting): In the integrated administrator account, all applications are run with full administrator rights.

When you make this GPO change, the registry value ” FilterAdministratorToken ” is automatically set, as we have already explained in the link above.

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