Disable on-screen keyboard in Windows 10

The Windows 10 on-screen keyboard is usually a very pleasant function and when using mobile Windows devices. This virtual keyboard gives you access to all the necessary keys without physically connecting a keyboard . The Windows 10 on- screen keyboard currently looks like this.

Windows 10 on-screen keyboard

Unfortunately, many users find this virtual on-screen keyboard annoying and want to switch it off completely. The deactivation of the Windows 10 screen keyboard works in two ways.

Switch off the on-screen keyboard via Windows 10 Settings

The easiest way is via the Windows 10 settings, your fastest via the Windows keyboard shortcut

can call. Then you have to go to the areas

Ease of use



switch. Then you will see the desired option

Use the device without a physical keyboard

Use the device without a physical keyboard

There you have the option to deactivate the “on- screen keyboard ” by setting the slide switch to ” Off “.

Even if you have deactivated the Windows on-screen keyboard, you can always use the keyboard shortcut

Call the Windows logo key + CTRL + “O” again and work with the on- screen keyboard . This will set the slide switch shown to ” On ” again.

Deactivate on-screen keyboard via Windows service

The second option is to stop or deactivate the ” TabletInputService ” service responsible for the Windows 10 on-screen keyboard . To do this, calls the Windows service management


and scrolls up to

On-screen keyboard and writing area service

Disable on-screen keyboard and writing area service (TabletInputService)

You should ” stop ” this service or set it to the start type “deactivated” . In this case, the Windows on-screen keyboard is completely deactivated and can no longer be called up using the above key combination.

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