Disable microphone access in Windows 10

How you can prevent access to the camera in Windows 10, we have already described in detail in our article ” Windows 10 app block access to the camera “.

Today we would like to show you how to control camera access in Windows 10 and how to set whether and which app can access the microphone . You can find all of these settings in the Windows 10 Settings app, which you can call up quickly using the following key combination.

Windows 10 microphone settings

can call up fastest. Then you choose the point


and there the option


We have shown you the possible settings for controlling the microphone under Windows 10 here below.

Deactivate microphone Windows 10

Here you have the different options.

Deactivate microphone access completely

In the first microphone option you can completely deactivate or activate access to the microphone. Access to the microphone is activated by default in Windows 10, as you can also see in the figure. If you allow access to the microphone, people using this device can use the settings on this page to choose whether their apps have microphone access . However, if you deactivate microphone access here, access to the microphone will be blocked for all apps.

Block microphone access for apps only

With the second option you can control whether only apps have no access to the microphone . Windows is not blocked.

Set apps that are allowed to access the microphone

With the third option, you can specify per app whether access to the microphone is allowed or whether the microphone is blocked.

With these 3 microphone options you have extensive setting options for using the microphone in Windows 10.

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