Disable automatic start of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has expanded the Microsoft Office with ” Microsoft Teams ” and now offers all Office users the team version for testing. Unfortunately, Microsoft tries with all its might to bring teams to the users and so now after Windows restarts, it also starts automatically

Microsoft Teams

This then manifests itself in such a way that the users first see the following team login screen on the desktop without being asked .

Teams - Enter your email address

This prompts the user to enter their email address and to register. However, this automatic start of Microsoft Teams can also be annoying after some time if the use of teams is not planned or wanted.

You can deactivate the autostart after the closing via ” Team Settings ” , but this only works after you have registered.

Deactivate Microsoft Teams

However, there are two ways you can switch off this automatic start of teams. To do this, you have to delete an existing value in the registry.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run

This value is called


and must be deleted , as you can see in the picture below.


As soon as this value ” com.squirrel.Teams.Teams ” is deleted, teams no longer starts automatically after a Windows restart.

Deactivate Microsoft Teams via GPO

Deactivating teams is of course also possible via group guidelines . To do this, you simply create a new GPO and set the following values.

Deactivate Microsoft Teams Autostart

Here, too, it is important that you select the ” Delete ” function as ” Action ” so that the value is automatically deleted after logging in, thus preventing Microsoft Teams from starting automatically.

If your team wants to start again automatically, it is enough to create the value in the registry again.

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