Delay the sending of emails in Outlook

In certain circumstances, it may make sense to send outgoing emails with a certain time delay . This delayed sending of e-mails is relatively easy with Microsoft Outlook and we would like to present you two options here today on how you can send the e-mails with a delay.

Delay a single email

If you write a new email, there is a point under ” Options ” for all Outlook versions

Delay transmission

We have shown you this once below.

Delay Outlook delivery

Here you can specify an exact date and time for this one email when Outlook should send this email. As long as this date is not reached, the email remains in the outbox and can be edited or deleted at any time.

Delay all outgoing emails

But there is also the possibility to generally delay all emails that you write for a specified number of minutes . In order to set up this general email delay, the Outlook rules assistant must be called up, which is the easiest for you

Start (in Outlook)


Rules and notifications

can call. Then you see the following window.

Outlook rules and notifications

Here you can now create a corresponding email delay rule via ” New rule ” .

Apply rule to messages I send

First, the following Outlook rule should be selected without a template:

Apply rule to messages I send.

Then the following window is simply confirmed with ” Next ” without making a selection.

Outlook Rule Assistant

Here you have to activate the lowest rule , which is called as follows:

Send this with a delay of a few minutes

We have also presented this to you here below.

Outlook delivery delayed by minutes

If you enter a delay time of 30 minutes here, for example , all emails sent remain in Outlook’s outbox for 30 minutes until Outlook then sends the emails with a delay.

You can of course deactivate this email delay at any time by simply deleting the rule.

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