Deactivate email address suggestions in Outlook and AutoComplete

Anyone who works a lot with Outlook will know the function of the email address suggestions . These automatic suggestions of e-mail addresses to which e-mails have already been sent to you are usually a useful and useful Outlook function.

We have shown you below how this email proposal  currently looks in Outlook 365 or Outlook 2016.

Outlook auto-complete suggestion

Microsoft has changed the presentation of the e-mail auto suggestions from time to time, currently it is as shown in the picture. Usually you need to press the TAB key on the suggestion in question and the entire email address will be displayed transferred to the AN, CC or BCC field.

If you want to remove an e-mail address from this list of suggestions , just click on the ” X ” at the end of the e-mail proposal.

Deactivate auto complete completely

If you do not want to use this AutoComplete function , you can completely deactivate it. For this you call the point in Outlook




and then select the item in the left options


You will then see all Outlook email settings. The setting you are looking for for AutoComplete can be found relatively far below in the ” Send messages ” area. There you will find the option

When filling in the “To”, “Cc” and “Bcc” lines, suggest names using the AutoComplete list

Deactivate autocomplete or empty autocomplete list

If your here in this option the ” hook ” away, you will be submitted no more suggestions when typing the e-mail address.

Delete the auto-complete list completely

However, you also have the option of deleting and re -creating the saved list of email suggestions . All you have to do is click the button at the end of this option with the name

Clear auto-complete list

actuate. Then all previously saved email suggestions will be deleted and then the list will be rebuilt if you tick the box at the beginning of this option.

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