Deactivate acrylic effect or blurred Windows login background via GPO

We reported some time ago about the new function of Windows 10 version 1903, which ” blurs” the login background for the Windows 10 login . This soft focus is also called the acrylic effect when logging on to Windows and can be deactivated on the one hand using the registry , but control via group guidelines is also already provided.

Below we have again shown you a Windows 10 login screen with activated acrylic effect , in which the blurring of the background image can be clearly seen.

Windows 10 acrylic effect login background

To deactivate this blurry background, you call the following GPO in the group policy editor .

Computer configuration / administrative templates / system / login

There is then the relevant group guideline for controlling the acrylic effect.

Show blank login background

We have also shown this to you below.

Show blank login background

This GPO must show Empty login background


so that the acrylic effect is switched off . Unfortunately, Microsoft did not really choose the name of this GPO, because the name of the GPO actually says otherwise. The exact function only emerges from the functional description of the GPO.

This policy setting disables the blur with acrylic effect for the background image of the login screen.

If you activate the policy, the background image of the login screen is displayed without blurring. If you disable or do not configure the policy, the background image of the login screen uses the blur with acrylic effect.

The PC for which this GPO was set up must then be restarted once so that the changed group guidelines can be drawn.

Login background image with no acrylic effect

Then the background image is displayed correctly again in the login window and without blurring .

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