Copy in Windows 10 Explorer but keep both files

Maybe you still know the function of Windows 7, where Windows gives you the option

Copy but keep both files

was offered when copying files, if there is a file in the target folder with the same file name that you want to copy into it.

Below we have shown you the section of the option in Windows 7 Explorer.

Copy but keep both files

This option ” Copy, but keep both files ” is no longer available in Windows 10 , the standard copy process is always acknowledged with the following window.

Compare info for both files

As you can see, this option was through the function

Compare info for both files

replaced. This option is available in addition to ” Replace file in target ” and ” Skip this file ” and also includes the function of keeping both files after copying . If you choose this option, another window appears, which looks like this.

What files do you want to keep

Here you can see the ” File Conflict ” window by asking the following question.

What files do you want to keep?

In this additional window you will now see the duplicate files in 2 columns and you can now decide which files should remain.

If you now tick both files and select ” Continue “, the original file is retained and the newly copied file is also stored in the target folder , however the file name is expanded by the addition “(2)” . We have also shown this to you below.

Both files are preserved during the copying process

This gives you the option to keep the original file, the target file or both files via the “File conflict” options window .

To be honest, it has to be said that Microsoft hid this function a bit too much and that many users found the earlier copy dialog of Windows 7 more meaningful.

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