Clear timeline and activity history on Windows 10

We have already reported several times about the relatively new function of the Windows 10 timeline . Among other things, how you can remove the timeline from the Windows taskbar or how you can deactivate the entire Windows 10 timeline .

Today we would like to show you further setting options for the Windows 10 timeline and the activity history . To do this, first open the Windows 10 Settings app using the following key combination.

Open Windows 10 Settings

Then you call the point


and then the point

Activity history 

on. Windows 10 should now show you the following setting options.

Activity history Windows 10

Here you have the various options to set and delete the activity history.

Save my activity history on this device

With this option you can control whether all activities that you do are saved in the Windows Timeline. This includes, for example, the websites visited and data from Windows 10 apps and services. Generally the option is activated. If you no longer want to automatically save these activities in the timeline in the future, you should deactivate this option.

Send my activity history to Microsoft

This option is deactivated in our example and thus prevents the Windows activities from being sent to Microsoft. We would recommend that you generally leave this option deactivated.

View activity from these accounts

If you have connected your Windows 10 with a Microsoft account, the connected Microsoft accounts are displayed here. You can activate or deactivate the activities on the timeline for each account individually.

Clear activity history

In order to generally delete all information or activities of the Windows Timeline, this can be done via the option ” Delete activity history “. However, the security question appears before deletion

Clear activity history

Only after confirming ” OK ” will all collected activity data be deleted .

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