Check the contents of a folder for threats using Windows Defender (Windows Security)

Microsoft is constantly improving Windows Defender or ” Windows Security ” and meanwhile Windows real-time protection has a really good reputation. Many private users and companies rely on Windows Defender and thus save the use of third-party antivirus software.

Today we would like to show you how you can use Windows Defender to scan the contents of a folder for dangers. This works in two ways.

Call Windows Defender Check from Explorer

You can run a Windows Defender folder check directly from Windows Explorer. To do this, simply right-click on the folder to be examined and then select the option from the context menu

Check with Windows Defender …

Check with Windows Defender ...

Windows Defender then immediately starts checking the selected folder and processes all the files and subfolders it contains. The results of the Defender scan can be seen below the scan options in the ” Windows Security ” program , which Windows automatically displays after the security scan.

Have folders scanned directly from Windows Defender

The second option is to have a folder scanned directly from Windows Defender . To do this, open the Windows Start menu and then call the app

Windows security

on. In the following window you choose the function

Viruses & threat protection

After that you have to get the point

Scan options

choose as shown in the image below.

Then another window appears, by clicking the

Custom review

you can choose.

Custom Windows Security Check

After pressing

Check it now

an Explorer window will open, in which you can now select a file or folder to be checked by Windows Defender.

Windows security last check

After the file or folder has been scanned, Windows Defender outputs the search result of the virus scan . In our case, 30 files were checked and no current threats were found.

In this simple way you have the possibility to check individual folders or files for possible threats .

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