Change Windows Explorer hard drive icon

As a rule, every user uses Windows Explorer several times a day. Microsoft is constantly expanding the possibilities of Windows Explorer. This also means that the Windows user can change the icon or the symbol of the hard drives themselves .

By default, the HDD or SSD hard drive icon is shown as follows.

Explorer hard drives old icon

Usually, the display of this partition icon is sufficient, but some users would prefer to set up another hard drive icon . It is even possible to set up a separate icon for each drive .

Change the hard disk icon of the Explorer

You make the necessary changes in the Windows registry editor “regedit.exe”. The following path must first be called up.

Computer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer DriveIcons

Now you have to create a key for each drive that should have its own icon. In our case, simply the key


for the C: Partiton. Under this new key is to create another key , the get the following names must



Under this new key ” DefaultIcon ” the


Value to be adjusted. The path of the desired drive icon including the file name must be specified here. Special .ICO files , which are available for download from the Internet, are best suited .

After you have made the changes, Windows Explorer looks like this.

Explorer hard drives new icon

By the way, these changes take effect immediately , you do not have to restart Explorer or restart Windows. The changes to the drive icon can be undone at any time by deleting your newly created key.

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