Change the name of the Windows workgroup

Home networks generally do not use a network domain, but combine the existing PCs in a Windows work group . All PCs and other resources (eg printers, scanners) belonging to this work group can access the existing devices.

So it is sometimes necessary to change the name of the Windows workgroup or to adapt it to the other PCs. In this guide, we describe how this change in the workgroup name works.

Change workgroup name

First you call after pressing the key combination

the ” Run ” window and here you start the program


Call sysdm.cpl

Then the program for editing the Windows system properties is called. Right in the first tab ” Computer Name ” you will find the point relatively far below

To change

Change workgroup

After you click Change “, the window for changing the Windows workgroup appears immediately.

In the field ” Workgroup: ” you can now assign a new workgroup name . In our case, we have entered the name ” NEW NAME ” as an example .

Assign new workgroup names

After clicking on ” OK “, the following window appears with the message

Welcome to the working group… ..

And after clicking on ” OK ” the following window is displayed.

The computer must be restarted for the changes to take effect

The information text is as follows:

The computer must be restarted for the changes to take effect. Save all open files and close all programs before restarting.

After pressing ” OK ” the Windows PC will be restarted immediately and you will be in the new workgroup after the restart. You can change the name of the working group as often as you like, there are no restrictions here. It is important that all PCs that should be in a workgroup really have the exact same name .

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