Change folder icon display in Windows

Each folder is shown in Windows Explorer or on the desktop with the folder standard icon. We have shown you what this looks like as an example below.

Standard folder icon on the Windows desktop

Sometimes, however, it may be desirable to replace the folder symbol with another symbol, for example to increase clarity.

In the past we have already shown you how you can create individual folder images or how you can hide Windows 10 folders without a symbol and name .

To exchange the icon folder , right-click to open the context menu and select the item


Properties folder

After you have called up the properties, select the tab in the following window

To adjust

Now another window opens in which you can change the symbol for the folder. You can call this up by choosing the following option.

Another symbol

Windows now looks for possible folder icons in the following DLL file by default.

% SystemRoot% System32 SHELL32.dll

This DLL file is suggested by Windows and it contains a variety of symbols and icons, as you can see in the picture below. However, you can also use other files that then contain corresponding other icons.

Select another folder icon from SHELL32.DLL

The following files contain the most and best icons that are already provided by Windows by default.

  • C: Windows system32 imageres.dll
  • C: Windows system32 wmploc.dll

In our case, we selected the ” question mark ” as the folder icon and accepted the settings with ” OK “. The original folder icon then looks like this.

Folder with a different icon on the Windows desktop

In this simple way, you can now provide each folder with a different icon . These settings then only apply to the selected folder. Every new folder that you create is displayed in the original folder display.

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