Change cursor shape and cursor color in the CMD or PowerShell

With the release of Windows 10 Feature Version 1903, Microsoft has released further improvements to the Command Prompt (CMD) and PowerShell . This includes the possibility that you can now use the

Cursor color and
cursor shape

can adapt according to your ideas. This extension has long been desired by users and now Microsoft has finally integrated it into Windows 10. These new settings are in the tab


flowed into the


the MS-DOS command prompt (CMD.exe) and also in the PowerShell. We have shown you the possible settings below.

Cursor shape and cursor colors Terminal tab

Here you will find the following cursor shapes :

  • Use previous style
  • Underscore
  • Vertical bar
  • Empty field (frame)
  • Filled out field

With the cursor colors you can choose between

  • Inverted color
  • Use color (red, green and blue value)

With the 3 color values you can put together a color that you like best. For example, we have chosen a ” red ” and set it as color values (red 242, green 8, blue 50). If you don’t know the desired color value, simply use the Windows graphics program mspaint “, because there you can quickly and easily determine the color values for your desired color.

You can see exactly how this works here in the following illustration from ” Paint “.

If you have now set the cursor settings according to your wishes, it could look like this, for example.

Cursor shapes and colors at CMD and PowerShell

This gives you numerous configuration and design options for the cursor type and the cursor color in the area of command prompt and PowerShell. We will report on further improvements of the two command line tools in the next few weeks, because Microsoft has integrated further improvements in Windows 10 version 1903 .

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