Call internal WSUS database with SQL Management Studio

Due to performance problems with the Microsoft Windows Update Service Server (WSUS) , which runs on a Windows Server 2012 R2, we have installed the current Microsoft SQL 2012 Management Studio (Express) there, since it also enables management of the internal WSUS database.

The installation of the Microsoft SQL Management Studion of the Express variant was relatively easy, actually nothing needs to be considered.

However, it was completely unclear how to connect to the WSUS database . We only found this after a few Internet searches, here is the solution.

Simply enter the following for the server name:

\. pipe Microsoft ## WID tsql query

For an older version of the WSUS, the following must be entered:

\. pipe mssql $ Microsoft ## SSEE sql query

Below we have presented the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio as an original image with the connection set up accordingly.

Connect SQL Management Studio to WSUS internal database

Then we had all the information about the database in the SQL Management Studio . You will then have access to all the necessary Windows Update server update services tables. However, you should be extremely careful which SQL tables or SQL table contents you change, because in the case of a ” wrong ” change you can also completely destroy the WSUS server .

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