Backup Exec – Creating SDR Disks – Part 1

When backing up  a physical Windows server with Veritas (Symantec) Backup Exec 2015 (Capacity Edition), it is necessary that the backup administrator also creates the appropriate SDR disk . SDR means  Simplified Disaster Recovery and is a special process for the reconstruction of secured Windows servers . We received the following message from Backup Exec 2015 after backing up a physical server.

No SDR disk was created

SDR disk was not created

Message: A backup job for server “… ..” that includes all critical system components has been completed. The computer is now fully secured.

However, you have not yet created the SDR disk . You will need this disk in the event of a disaster recovery on the server. If the server is running Windows Server 2008 or later, click the Backup Exec button, choose Configuration and Settings, and then click Local Server Properties to create the SDR disk .

Backup Exec stores the disaster recovery information file in the default disaster recovery path on the Backup Exec server and in another location of your choice, if you specify it. Symantec  (Veritas) recommends that you specify a different path for the disaster recovery file. You should make an additional copy of the file and put it in a safe place. Without the disaster recovery information file , a Backup Exec server cannot be restored from a tape drive or autoloader using simplified disaster recovery . Having multiple disaster recovery information files ensures that you have at least one copy in case disaster recovery is required. To view the default path, click the Backup Exec button and choose Configuration and Settings> Backup Exec Settings> Simplified Disaster Recovery .

Backup Exec SDR media

However, in order to be able to create the SDR data carrier , some requirements must be met on the backup server . First, the Microsoft Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) must be installed on the backup server. This can be done relatively easily directly from the Backup Exec . You can find out exactly how this works in the second part, which you can find under “Backup Exec Preparations for SDR data carriers – Part 2”.

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