Automatically reopen previously opened windows after restarting Windows

In Windows Explorer, there is an option whose existence or function is not known to many Windows users. This option, which we want to report on today, is called

Restore previous folder windows at login

This function uses Windows to ensure that open windows that you opened when you last logged out or restarted Windows are automatically restarted or opened after the next login .

Many users have certainly set this Explorer autostart option to automatically start the programs and windows and are not sure how to turn this off.

We would like to show you here in this Explorer tutorial how you can activate or deactivate this autostart function for automatically starting windows and programs .

You can of course find the necessary option in Windows Explorer, as you can see in the figure below.

Restore previous folder windows at login

First you have to go to the tab in Windows Explorer


go and then you will find the function on the far right


After calling the ” Folder Options ” you still have the tab


choose again.

Now you have to scroll down relatively far until you find the following option.

Restore previous folder windows at login

After confirming the change with ” OK ” or ” Apply “, Windows is now set accordingly so that the opened apps, windows or programs are opened automatically after a restart or not.

It is not entirely clear why Microsoft has integrated this very useful option into Windows Explorer. Please also note that there are similar functions in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge Browser, Firefox or Google Chrome Browser.

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