Automatically lock Windows 10 PC when you leave work – Dynamic lock

The fact that every PC user locks his PC for security reasons when he leaves it is actually standard. As a rule, this is done very simply and quickly using the key combination

Lock Windows using the key combination Windows Key + L

Many companies also regulate this via special settings or group policies , so that the PC is automatically locked after a few minutes of inactivity. This clearly increases security so that no one else can work on your PC under your name. Windows 10 has a new feature, which contributes to even more security. It’s called

Dynamic lock

The name “dynamic lock” is not particularly fortunate, because most users cannot imagine anything like it. Microsoft only provides the following information about the dynamic lock .

Windows can tell when you’re away from the devices paired with your PC. 

What is Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 exactly?

With the dynamic lock, Windows 10 recognizes exactly when you leave your Windows PC. This works really simply via ” Windows Hello ” and a paired device on your Windows computer. It is important that you have paired your smartphone with your PC via Bluetooth so that Windows can really recognize via Bluetooth when the distance to your PC is so great that the Windows lock is carried out automatically .

Dynamic Lock Setup

The setup works very simply. It is important that the Bluetooth connection between your Windows 10 PC and your smartphone is established. Then you go into the Windows 10 Settings app with the Windows key combination Windows key + “I” and there you go into the search field ” Dynamic lock “, as you can see here below.

Dynamic lock

After opening the window for the ” Windows login options ” appears. Now you have to scroll down a bit in the right selection area until you come to the item ” Dynamic lock “. Then there is the decisive tick that has to be set.

Allow Windows to recognize your absence and lock the device automatically.

Allow Windows to recognize your absence and lock the device automatically

That’s it. Now you can try out whether your Windows 10 PC locks itself automatically when you move away from the PC.

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