Automatically hide or show the Windows taskbar

The Windows taskbar is certainly one of the most important Windows elements and every Windows user has his own idea of ​​how he wants to design the taskbar . In the past we have often reported on the Windows taskbar, such as how you can fix the taskbar or deactivate or activate the grouping of the taskbar icons. You can find more information about the Windows taskbar at the end of this article.

Today we would like to show you which you can hide or unhide the Windows taskbar . With Windows 10, as with all previous Windows versions, the Windows taskbar is normally displayed permanently . In order to possibly use the space for the display of the programs, you can automatically hide the Windows taskbar if you do the following.

Simply right-click in a free area of ​​the Windows taskbar and call up the ” taskbar settings “, as you can see here below.

Call up system tray settings

The Windows taskbar settings are then displayed, whereby the following 2 options can be set here.

Automatically hide taskbar in desktop
mode Automatically hide taskbar in tablet mode

Depending on what type of mode (desktop or tablet) you use, you can set the rule to ” On “.

Automatically hide taskbar in desktop mode

Then the Windows desktop looks like this. The Windows taskbar is immediately hidden and is no longer visible.

Windows taskbar hidden

This means that only the entire screen can be used to use the installed programs. If you need the taskbar , you can show it again at any time by simply moving the mouse pointer to the lower edge of the monitor, as you can see here below.

Show Windows taskbar

As soon as you remove the mouse pointer from this zone, the taskbar is hidden again . A function that makes sense under certain circumstances.

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