Activate screen magnifier in Windows 10

The Windows Magnifier , which Microsoft has also integrated into the operating system for Windows 10, is an indispensable feature for many users. It enables especially elderly or visually impaired people to significantly enlarge the display of the Windows PC, to improve it and thereby to increase the legibility .

To activate the screen magnifier, you just have to start the well-known Windows 10 Settings app. The easiest and fastest way to do this is with the key combination

Start screen magnifier

Windows key + “I”. Then the Windows 10 Settings app starts and you have to go to the area

Ease of use

click, as you can see here below.

Ease of use

Then the start window ” Speech output ” is called and on the left side you will find the appropriate point


After clicking on ” Magnifier ” you will now see the following.

Activate screen magnifier

Here you will find all the necessary settings for the Windows 10 screen magnifier . The decisive factor is the slide switch right at the top, so that your

“Activate screen”

can. After activation, a small program is started, in which you can then also make various settings. Among other things, the percentage by which the screen display should be enlarged . In our example it is 200%.

Magnifier display

But there are also many other options for the magnifier in the Settings app . In detail, these are:

  • Zoom factor for the screen enlargement
  • Intervals in% for the zoom factor
  • Whether the screen magnifier should start immediately after the Windows login .
  • Whether the magnifier should be started for all users before logging on.
  • Whether the colors should be reversed during enlargement.
  • Whether bitmap smoothing should be activated.
  • Whether the magnifying glass symbol should be reduced.

Also, in Magnifier mode, you can choose between

  • Magnifying glass
  • Full screen
  • Docked

be distinguished. The magnifying glass size can also be precisely defined.

Keyboard shortcuts for the magnifier

The most useful, however, are the tips on how to start the magnifier on Windows 10 with simple keyboard shortcuts . Here again as a summary.

Magnifier Keyboard shortcut
Activate screen magnifier Windows key + “+” key
Deactivate screen magnifier Windows key + ESC
Open Magnifier Settings Windows key + CTRL + M
Enlarge Windows key + “+” key
Downsize Windows key + “-” – key
Zoom with the mouse wheel Windows key + ALT + mouse wheel

There are many more keyboard shortcuts , but these should have been the most important. You can find all the others in this settings app if you click on the “Show all keyboard shortcuts ” item.

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