5 tips to extend the life of your technological devices

You may have realized, for one reason or another, that the useful life of your technological devices is not unlimited . Whether due to the program obsolescence that some brands impose on their devices or because technology does not give more of itself, there comes a time when your device is no longer the same as when you bought it.

The use of technology is continuously increasing as the years go by, and especially since 2020, the year in which, after the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to have a network connection has increased. In fact, in 2020, the number of Internet users in Spain increased by almost 4%, achieving a share of 93% of Spaniards who have Internet at home, according to the technology and society report presented by red.es.


The useful life of your technological devices has a guarantee

In Spain, since January 1, electronic devices have a full three-year guarantee, although, in reality, their useful life is usually longer. There are some vices, common among users, that are guilty of shortening the time that these devices allow us to be used and, therefore, their availability is reduced more than it should be. ANOVO , a reverse logistics company in the technology sector, recommends correct maintenance to users to keep them in good condition.

Having an electronic device implies assuming a series of responsibilities and basic tasks, which must be fulfilled to keep them in good condition and avoid performance and stability problems in order to extend their useful life to the maximum. This must be taken into account when buying technology.

The most common problems that users face are mainly related to battery performance (“now my phone battery lasts very little, compared when I bought it”…) or issues related to software and operating system. In this bag of common problems we can include our smartphone, tablet and even our computer.


5 easy actions to extend the life of your technological devices

According to ANOVO , this series of tips should be carried out in order to keep electronic devices in good condition:

  1. Charge the battery as necessary : ​​Batteries are usually one of the most common faults in the operation of devices. To achieve a longer battery life, it is essential that the equipment is connected to the power only when it is needed, that is, when it is at 5% charge, and disconnected when the battery indicates 95% or 5 minutes. before full charge, according to Conecta experts.
  2. Keep your computer safe and secure: There are numerous viruses that can affect the performance of your electronic device, as well as exposing the security and data of each user. That is why you must install an antivirus and keep it updated and careful, browse secure pages and not open any message that may be suspicious and lead to the blocking of the computer.
  3. Clean the device: For the physical cleaning of the equipment, it is recommended to use antistatic wipes with isopropyl alcohol, and to clean the screens, the sides of the equipment, top and bottom, and the keyboard if it is available. It should always be done with the device turned off and avoiding the use of water, as it could damage them. However, cleaning must be both external and internal, using dry brushes and cans of compressed air once a year, to enhance the air flow.
  4. Maintain updates and Software: Devices must always be updated, both the system itself and the installed applications. This will mean improvements in the operating system and greater speed and effectiveness. It is important to check at least every two weeks to see if new versions are found.
  5. Avoid overheating and establish correct ventilation of the device: it is recommended to have the equipment on smooth surfaces to allow a correct circulation of ventilation, so it should be avoided to have them on surfaces such as the bed or the sofa, and in places where they can overheat or direct sunlight. The ideal temperature range is between 0 and 35 ºC.

What is planned obsolescence?

An issue related to the useful life of your technological devices is the so-called programmed obsolescence, for this reason it is convenient to dedicate a few lines to this issue that will surely clarify some doubts. This is a phenomenon that refers to the loss of performance of a device that ultimately leads to you getting rid of it.

computer technical service

For updates, for commercial purposes or simply for fashion reasons, many brands, without saying so, have set an approximate date for one of their products to stop working like the first day. This can be a headache for users and also a threat to the environment due to all the technological garbage that is continuously generated.

Program obsolescence does not only affect mobile phones as one might initially think, but its scope reaches other everyday products such as computers, household appliances or even electronic toys.

Not everything is wrong with this phenomenon, we must also look for the positive side since this trend forces companies to be up to date and continue investing in innovation that ultimately has an impact or benefits the end user. There is some controversy in this way of doing things because there are those who bet on the durability of a product when they buy it, but there are also profiles who like to feel “up to date”.