3 finger gestures and 4 finger gestures on the touchpad in Windows 10

Users who use a notebook or a tablet with a keyboard can enjoy the 3 finger gestures and the 4 finger gestures . You can perform these gestures on your touchpad and assign different functions to each swipe gesture . For example, you can specify that when you swipe 3 fingers, the Windows desktop is displayed simultaneously on the touchpad.

Below we explain exactly how to configure these swipe gestures. To do this, first open the Windows Settings app using the Windows key + “I” and use Word as the search term


to enter. Then a relatively large settings window appears, which shows you all the Windows touchpad setting options . We have shown you the important part below, which you will find a little further down in the settings dialog.

Three and Four Finger Gestures Windows 10

As you can see, there is a difference between the 3-finger and the 4-finger gesture setting and there is a separate area for both. In general, you can configure 4 different swipe gestures . These are

  • Swipe gesture up
  • Swipe down
  • Swipe gesture to the left
  • Swipe gesture to the right

Each of these 4 gestures must be set up separately for the 3 and 4 fingers. You can choose from 4 different setting options. if you click on the selection area below the ” swiping movements “. Here you can see the possible wiping options .

Windows 10 swipes

The following actions for swiping movements are available:

  • Nothing
  • Switch app and show desktop
  • Switch desktop and display desktop
  • Change audio and volume setting

Depending on the selection, the actions are shown to the right in the swiping directions shown.

As an additional touchpad setting option there is then the touchpad typing . This allows you to specify what happens when you click the 3-finger or 4-finger simultaneously on the touchpad.

Touchpad typing

The following options are available to you when ” typing “:

  • Nothing
  • Search with Cortana
  • Info center
  • Play / pause
  • Middle mousekey

The changes you make in the touchpad settings window are immediately active.

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