0xA00F4271 error message in the Windows 10 camera app

The error code 0xA00F4271 occurs relatively frequently in the Windows 10 camera app. Also as with us, as you can see here on the following, original Windows 10 error message 0xA00F4271 .

0xA00F4271 0x887A0005

The exact error message is:

Something didn’t work there.
The error code, if required, is as follows:
0xA00F4271 <MediaCaptureFailedEvent> 0x887A0005

The message occurred when we created the entry ” Error code 0xa00f424f in the Windows 10 camera app “.

Update webcam camera driver

The first solution to Error  0xA00F4271 is to update the camera driver. To do this, open the Windows device manager via ” compmgmt.msc ” and try to update the device driver for the webcam. We have illustrated the process below for you.

Update the Integraded Webcam driver

If Windows does not find any suitable new device drivers , you should contact the manufacturer of your notebook or webcam and download and install a current webcam driver there. Often only new Microsoft standard drivers for webcams are installed in Windows 10 new installations, which are then the cause of the error code 0xA00F4271 .

Uninstall webcam driver

It often helps if you simply uninstall the device driver in the device manager . After restarting the system, Windows usually finds the necessary drivers and installs them again.

Anti-virus program causes  0xA00F4271

Installed antivirus programs are often to blame for error  code 0xA00F4271 . Kaspersky and Eset Smart Security products in particular can cause error code 0xA00F4271 when using the webcam.

In order to test whether these security programs are really to blame for the webcam error message  0xA00F4271 , you should test-deactivate or uninstall these programs and then test again whether the error code continues to occur.

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