0x80070652 error code during Windows update

The error code 0x80070652   in the Windows update is relatively widespread and means ” ERROR_INSTALL_ALREADY_RUNNING ” according to Microsoft . This means that another, current installation process is apparently running during the Windows Update process and a collision occurs. Windows then issues error code 0x80070652   , which you can see here in the example below.


You should try the following options to eliminate error 0x80070652 .

Carry out a clean reboot

To make sure that no other installation process is running during the Windows Update, you should restart your Windows system with ” Clean Reboot “. To do this, you open the utility


and then changes to the ” Services ” tab , as you can see here in the system configuration .

Disable all Microsoft services

Here you have to confirm the option “Hide all Microsoft services” and “deactivate” . Then MSCONFIG is to be ended with OK and the system restarted. After the clean reboot, you should try whether the Windows update process continues to result in error message 0x80070652.

Manual download of the update package

You should investigate which update package causes the error 0x80070652 . You can determine this quite easily if you click on the point ” Show history of installed updates ” in the Windows Update window . From version 1803, however, this option is only called ” Show update history “.

View the history of installed updates

Then you should download the special Windows update package directly from the Microsoft website ” Windows Update Catalog ” and install it manually.

Deactivate virus scanner

If all of this does not help, you should temporarily deactivate your virus scanner or switch off Windows tuning programs. Such programs, which permanently monitor the system and intervene in processes, can also be responsible for the Windows update  error 0x80070652.

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