Xbox 360 Live Update Failed Error

If you received the error code 3151-0000-0000-0080-0300-8007-2751 while trying to update or download on your Xbox 360, this is likely due to a corrupted profile.

The problem usually causes the Xbox to abort the download, and sometimes the console will drop the connection to the router, which can give the impression that the wireless adapter connected to the Xbox is faulty.

However, for this specific error, the issue is likely not an Xbox network or connection issue, and you can save yourself a fair amount of troubleshooting time by trying this solution first.

Bug fix

First, check the status of your Xbox Live account. Look for expired credit cards or other issues that may be causing an error.

Next: Delete the faulty profile. This error is usually caused by a corrupt profile, and the solution is straightforward and should fix the problem.

alternative solutions

Although the issue resulting in this error is most likely a corrupted profile that can be resolved by removing it, the error code is part of a group of errors that fall under the network error family, so there may be other issues involved if removing the bad profile does not solve the problem.

Try these solutions if you are still having problems.

  1. Clear Xbox Hard Drive Cache . From the Dashboard, go to the System menu, select “Memory” and then “Hard Drive”. Press the Y button and choose “Clear Cache”.
  2. Clear failed updates from cache. Turn off the Xbox 360. While holding down the Sync button next to the memory unit slots, turn on the Xbox. This will clear the download queue and restart failed downloads.
  3. Check that the problem is not with your router . If you use a router, disconnect it by unplugging your Xbox from the router and plugging it directly into your modem. Try to update and check if it has completed successfully. If so, reconnect to the router. You may need to check your router and its settings.

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