“Windows may be installed in an unsupported directory” error message when upgrading Windows

Today we want to report a very strange phenomenon and Windows upgrade problem . For a Windows 10 system that was still running on Windows 10 version 1803 , we started an upgrade to Windows 10 version 1903 so that we can bring the PC up to date.

Although the upgrade has often been performed on other PCs, the following error message occurred .

Your files, apps and settings cannot be kept because the current version of Windows ...

The exact message was:

Your files, apps, and settings cannot be preserved because the current version of Windows may have been installed in an unsupported directory or you are trying to install an older version of Windows.

For this reason, the Windows 10 upgrade program only gives us the option

Nothing – everything is deleted, e.g. files, apps and settings

left to choose. We had never seen this message before and were initially at a loss as to what could be the cause. We also wanted to get all the data, apps and settings from the PC .

However, we could rule out that we wanted to install an older version of Windows 10. As I said, we started the version 1903 setup program . Unfortunately there was no suitable solution to the problem on the Internet. That’s why we checked whether the installed and upgrade version was the 64-bit version, so we didn’t use the wrong setup here. In addition, the Windows 10 1803 version was installed normally on C: Windows and therefore this could not be the cause of the Windows 10 upgrade problem.

Solution to the Windows 10 upgrade problem

The solution to the problem was relatively simple. When we looked into Windows Explorer, we found that there was only 8 GB free hard disk space available.

Local disk full

After that, we cleaned numerous, unnecessary files from the hard drive and restarted the Windows 10 upgrade to version 1903.

This time the upgrade went smoothly , the message with the wrong or unsupported Windows directory was also no longer displayed. Microsoft should definitely make improvements here , because this error message confuses the user more than there is a sensible indication of a possible source of error.

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