Shortcut to view WiFi connections on Windows 10

To connect a Windows 10 PC to a WiFi network , all you need to do is click on the corresponding WiFi symbol in the Windows 10 task bar at the bottom right .

WLAN symbol Windows 10

Then the well-known Windows 10 flyout menu opens , which then shows you the available WiFi networks .

WLAN flyout menu Windows 10

You can now establish the connection simply by clicking on the desired WLAN. Sometimes, however, it also makes sense to open this Windows 10 flyout menu directly using a shortcut or a desktop shortcut.

The command for direct access to the WLAN menu is:

Explorer.exe ms-availablenetworks:

You can test this by pressing the Windows key + “R” and entering this shortcut. The colon at the end of the command is important. Without this, the WLAN overview will not work.

Of course, you can also create a desktop shortcut for this command in order to always have quick access to the WLAN networks . To create a corresponding shortcut, you have to right-click on the desktop and select ” Shortcut “.

Select desktop shortcut

Then you have to insert the command listed above as the location of the element .


After assigning a meaningful name for the desktop shortcut and completing the shortcut, you will now find the corresponding symbol on your desktop. Then you can select a more suitable symbol for your WLAN connection via ” Properties “, ” Other symbol “.

Ultimately, this could look like this, for example.

Desktop symbol WLAN connections

With this desktop shortcut, you now have quick access to your WiFi connections .

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