Reset Windows password of a Hyper-V VM

Today we were faced with the problem that the local Windows password of a Microsoft 2012 R2 server did not work and that the domain registration also aborted with the following error:

The security database on the server does not contain a computer account for this work trust.

The security database on the server does not contain a computer account

Even after the new computer account was created in the Active Directory , there was no improvement, so we absolutely needed the registration of the local administrator . As much as we like the tool ” Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor “, which we have already covered in another article.

With the VM , this tool also works great and it has no problem resetting the password on a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 . After you have downloaded the tool or the ISO , you can simply integrate the ISO file into the DVD drive of the Hyper-V VM .

Hyper-V Settings Boot Windows Password Reset

Then boot the VM and the following window will appear.

Windows Reset Password Registry Editor

Windows Reset Password Registry menu

Now you have to fight the corresponding menus. Here is the correct procedure until you reset the Windows password :

  • Select partition (here number 1).
  • Point 1 “Password reset [sam]
  • 1. Edit user data and passwords
  • Select RID from administrator password
  • 1 – Clear (blank) user Password
  • Then 2 times “q” for Quit
  • Finally “y” so that the changes are also written.

Clear password

Now shut down the virtual machine (VM) , remove the ISO from the DVD drive and restart the virtual machine (VM) . The local administrator password is now deleted and the Windows login without a password works perfectly.

ATTENTION : We assume no liability for any problems or data loss. In any case, make a full backup of the entire virtual machine before use. 

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