Query Windows Uptime (operating time) remotely

Especially for administrators who operate numerous Windows PCs in the network, it can be useful to know how long individual PCs have been running or have not been shut down . We would like to introduce you to two ways in which you can quickly and easily query the Windows Uptime from remote computers.

Query Windows runtime remotely using PowerShell

You can easily query the Windows runtime remotely using PowerShell. To do this, you open a PowerShell window, which has administrative rights. Then you have to issue the following PowerShell command.

(Get-Date) – (Get-CimInstance Win32_OperatingSystem -ComputerName COMPUTERNAME) .LastBootupTime

Of course you have to replace the placeholder ” COMPUTERNAME ” with the correct computer name. If you get an error message during the ” BootUpTime “, please check on the remote client whether the service

Windows remote administration (WS administration) – WINRM

started. This is absolutely necessary for the remote query. If the execution is successful, the result is as follows:


Query system runtime remotely via system info

The second option is to query the Windows system runtime remotely using the known ” Systeminfo ” command . The appropriate command is:

SystemInfo / s COMPUTERNAME | find “system start time”

Again, the placeholder ” COMPUTERNAME ” must be replaced by the remote computer name. The ” Remote registration ” service must also be started on the remote client . The result of the remote runtime query looks like this:

System start time

As a result you will get the ” Windows system start time ” of the remote computer.

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