Paste screen shot (hard copy) in Outlook without any additional tool

If you use Office , you will certainly often insert hard copies or certain screen sections into your text or email. As a rule, users use special tools, such as the snipping tool , which is included as standard with every Windows installation.

However, it is also easier, because you can make a hard copy or a screenshot directly in Outlook, Word, Excel or PowerPoint directly from your e-mail or your document and without any tools.

Use screenshots in the office

We use the example of Microsoft Outlook (Outlook 2016 or Office 365) to show you how you can easily create and insert a screen section in an email. To do this, you open an email window, write your text and then place it


exactly at the point where the screen section should be displayed afterwards .

Outlook screenshot

Then you switch to the tab


and then you will find something hidden in the middle of the options


After clicking on the word or the arrow behind it, another window appears in which you can then enter the point

Screen clipping 

selects. Then the email window (or Word, Excel or PowerPoint window) disappears and you can select the selected screen section by holding down the left mouse button . As soon as you release the left mouse button, the selected section is inserted exactly at the cursor position.

Outlook screen clipping inserted

In our example, we have included the logo of our Windows FAQ blog as a screenshot in the email .

Now you also have the option to reduce or enlarge the graphic by dragging the corner points .

Since this screenshot function is available in every Office component, you can save yourself the use of special hard copy tools.

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