Partition increase or decrease in Windows 10

Even Windows 10 can be used without additional tools hard disk partitions smaller or larger . What was previously unthinkable has been available in the Windows standard since Windows 7 and  Windows Vista . The user can shrink or enlarge hard drive partitions and does not need any additional tools or paid programs for this.

Shrinking or enlarging partitions works via the integrated disk management . The easiest way to access the disk management is by using the command


calls. The following known window then appears:

Disk Management Reduce Windows 10 Partition

Most Windows users use computer management , which you can call up using the ” compmgmt.msc ” command . But I just find it better to call up the disk management directly with ” diskmgmt.msc “, because we don’t need the other items like “device manager, event display, task planning ” etc.

Shrink partition

You can now reduce the volume accordingly by right-clicking on the desired partition. Then the following small context menu appears.

Shrink partition Extend volume

Here you select ” Reduce volume … “. Now it is checked how much GB you can shrink the hard disk . Of course, you can only reduce the partition by the free space that is still available on the partition . If you want to release more, you may have to delete data beforehand. Possibly. It is also worth defragmenting and freeing up space with the Microsoft tool ” SDELETE “.

Enlarge partition

As easy as Zoom is also the increasing of partitions . Right-click on the partition again and select “Expand Volume … “.

Expand Partition Shrink Volume Properties Disk Management

Again , you can only expand the partition by the space that is not currently occupied by a partition on the hard disk and is therefore free.

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