Overview of the Edge Chromium URLs for quick access

Regardless of whether you use Google Chrome or the Edge Chromium browser , both offer the same short URLs for certain functions. With these simple URL calls you can quickly switch to the most important browser settings.

The most well-known setting is the URL short form

edge: // settings

This will immediately bring up the Edge Chromium settings. On the Google Chrome browser you have to replace the word ” Edge ” with ” Chrome “, so the correct shortcut is then

chrome: // settings

The following setting options are then visible in the Edge Chromium.

Edge Chromium Settings

Here you will find all the necessary settings in the Edge Chromium for the following general terms:

  • Profiles
  • Privacy and services
  • presentation
  • At the start
  • New Day Page
  • Website permissions
  • Downloads
  • Languages
  • printer
  • system
  • Reset settings
  • About Microsoft Edge

Edge Chromium version information

With the command

edge: // version

you can see the Microsoft Edge version information, as can be seen in the figure below.

Edge Chromium version

The following version information about the Edge Chromium is then visible.

  • Microsoft Edge version number
  • Revision
  • Operating system version
  • JavaScript version
  • Flash version (if installed)
  • User agent
  • Command line
  • Path to the executable from the Edge
  • Deviations

GPU information from the Edge

Via the URL shortcut

edge: // gpu

you can call up a lot of information about the GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) for the graphics processor used.

Edge Chromium GPU

Edge Chromium experiments (flags)

And with the URL line

edge: // flags

you can call up all experimental settings from the Edge Chromium that are currently available. These settings are not yet firmly integrated into the Edge Chromium and are currently only being tested.

Edge Chromium flags

It is best to take a look at the setting options, there are interesting and useful settings included. We have already reported on one or the other attitude.

Other URL commands from the Edge Chromium

You have other options using the URL shortcuts

edge: // policy


edge: // credits

which we will discuss in more detail later.

If you are interested in further information about the Edge Chromium , we recommend these other articles here on Windows-FAQ.de.

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