Need support for your Vivitar device? how to get it

Vivitar is an information technology company that manufactures digital cameras, digital video recorders, smart cameras, speakers, headphones and earphones, webcams, telescopes and microscopes, mobile chargers, tripods and more.

Vivitar was founded in 1938 under the name Ponder and Best . They first imported and sold German photographic equipment before including cameras and other related equipment from Japan after World War II.

More recently, in 2006, the company was acquired by Syntax-Brillian Corporation. After they filed for bankruptcy, this led Syntax-Brillian Corporation to sell the brand name and intellectual property rights to Sakar International in 2008.

Vivitar’s main website is located at There is a listing of retailers that sell Vivitar products.

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Vivitar offers technical support for its products through an online support website:

Visit Vivitar Support

It is through that link that you can obtain all of the other Vivitar resources described below.

Vivitar Driver Download

Vivitar does not provide a way to download device drivers for their hardware, so the only way to get drivers directly from Vivitar is to contact them through their support page:

Visit Vivitar Support for Drivers

However, while you can do it that way, it’s best to first visit the specific product page for the device in question. Use the PRODUCTS menu to find your specific device and when on that page, select Contact Support from the right hand side.

This route automatically includes the product name in the email, which will speed things up while you talk to your support team.

Getting the drivers directly from Vivitar is the best way to go (as with drivers from any manufacturer), but it’s understandable in this case to want to try a different method since you have to wait for a response from Vivitar. If you need the device driver right now, you probably don’t want to wait for an email response.

Another thing you can do is use a free driver update tool to scan your computer for any missing or outdated Vivitar drivers and install the ones you need. You don’t even need to know the model or product name of these driver tools for them to work as they scan each and every missing driver and provide you with the download right away.

Check out this list of other places to download drivers if the resources above don’t help.

If you’re new to updating drivers, check out our guide on How to Update Drivers in Windows for easy-to-follow instructions.

Vivitar Product Manuals

As with the Vivitar driver downloads, there is no direct link to the product manuals on their website. However, we are sure that you can request one by contacting technical support:

Visit Vivitar Support for Manuals

Another method is to look for the manual elsewhere, not even on the Vivitar website. ManualsLib is a place that has hundreds of Vivitar manuals.

Product manuals are usually in PDF format. Sumatra is a free PDF reader that you can download if you are not sure how to open the PDF file.

Vivitar Phone Support

Vivitar offers technical support to US customers by phone at 1-800-592-9541. Those of you in the UK can call Vivitar support at 0-800-917-4831. In Australia, use 1-800-006-614.

Before calling Vivitar technical support, we strongly recommend that you read our Tips for Talking to Technical Support.

Vivitar Email Support

Vivitar also offers email support for their hardware products if you prefer not to use their contact form.