Is your iPad stuck in Zoom View?

iPad accessibility features include the ability to stretch the iPad to the screen, which will make icons appear much larger. The zoom feature can also make a square magnifying glass appear on the screen, which has the same effect of making icons or text appear larger.

If you have vision problems, this feature can be a great help in using iPad. Even if you have good vision but smaller text gets a bit blurry, the zoom feature can be helpful. But for those with good eyesight, the iPad’s zoom feature can be a bit frustrating if you don’t know how to fix it.

The iPad’s zoom feature can be configured in a number of ways, so we’ll look at a few ways to fix the problem.

Tap the iPad screen twice with three fingers

This is like double-tapping the screen, but you’ll be using your index, middle, and ring fingers at the same time. This is how you turn the zoom function on and off. This should fix the problem, but you should still disable the zoom feature in the iPad settings to prevent it from happening again. Accessibility settings are located in the general section of iPad settings.

Triple click the Start button

Accessibility settings also have a shortcut to turn certain features on and off. This shortcut is activated by triple-clicking the Start button. If triple-click is set to zoom in on iPad, you can zoom out with a triple-click. This is a common reason people accidentally zoom in. It can also be disabled in the accessibility settings.

If none of these work, try Pinch-To-Zoom

The iPad’s zoom feature is different from the pinch-to-zoom gesture. Full-screen magnification or magnifying glass magnification is intended for people who have very poor vision. However, some applications like Safari allow us to zoom in to enlarge a web page or an image. If the screen is still not zoomed out, place your thumb and forefinger on the screen with your thumb and finger touching as if pinching the screen. Then simply spread your fingers apart while your fingertip and thumbtip continue to touch the screen. This reduction will reduce the zoom of the screen if the zoom reduction function has been activated.

How to disable the zoom function

Of course, you got yourself into this mess by having the zoom feature turned on in the accessibility settings. An easy way to fix the problem and make sure it doesn’t happen is to simply disable the feature. So how do you do it?

  • First of all, go into the iPad settings by launching the Settings app.
  • Next, scroll down the menu on the left and choose General .
  • In the General settings , locate and tap Accessibility . These are the settings that make iPad easier to use for those with difficulties such as poor vision, color blindness, etc.
  • Tap on Zoom near the top of the Accessibility settings .
  • Lastly, tap the green On/Off switch next to Zoom at the top of the Zoom settings .

What else can be done with Zoom?

If you have good eyesight, it’s easiest to just turn the setting off, but if text on the screen is sometimes blurry, you can try simply setting the zoom to make it more useful. Some settings that can help with this are the smart typing setting, which if turned on allows the on-screen keyboard to display without the need to zoom in, even if the zoom feature is turned on. Idle Visibility determines which part of the zoom controller is displayed when the feature is not in use, and Zoom Region allows you to switch from a full-screen zoom to a window zoom similar to a magnifying glass on the screen.