Insert Kaomoji or symbols and special characters using a key combination

Some time ago we already reported about this in our article ” Insert emojis using a keyboard shortcut in Windows 10 “, we did yours using the shortcut key

can open a Windows window by displaying numerous emoticons and inserting them at the current cursor position in documents, emails or other programs.

Insert kaomji, symbols and special characters

New in Windows 10 version 1903 is that Microsoft still areas in this icon window



Special characters and symbols

recorded with. So far, the selection window looked like this.

Insert emoji

Now the extended symbol selection looks like this.

Here you can see that the separations into the areas ” Emoji “, ” Kaomoji ” and ” Symbols ” have now been made and you can select the corresponding symbols using the generic terms.

Incidentally, Kaomoji come from Japan and are almost the counterpart to our well-known emoticons. Microsoft has divided the Kaomojis into the following areas.

  • Classic Ascii emoticons
  • Happy
  • greeting
  • Cute behavior
  • Sad
  • Upset
  • Suprised / speechless

The symbols or special characters can then be called up in the third tab , as you can see in the following illustration.

Insert symbols

Again, there is a differentiation into many different areas, so that you can easily find the symbol you want to insert in your text.

  • General punctuation marks
  • Currency symbols
  • Latin characters
  • Geometric symbols
  • Mathematical symbols
  • Additional symbols
  • Speech symbols

Thus, Microsoft has considerably simplified the insertion of frequently used symbols and characters with this extension and you also save yourself the way through the now aging Windows character table, which we explain in more detail in our article ” Representing special characters with character table under Windows ” to have.

Microsoft will certainly expand this symbol selection in the upcoming Windows 10 versions.

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