How to get support for an Acer computer

Supported Products:

  • desktops
  • laptops
  • tablets
  • monitors

Support website:

  • Acer technical support in the USA

Support email:

  • It has been replaced by Chat Services

Support phone numbers:

  • Contact Support by Phone (Requires Serial Number)

Other support options:

  • Acer Support FAQ Videos (YouTube Channel)
  • Drivers and Manuals
  • product registration
  • Warranty Information
  • Ask the Acer Knowledge Base (FAQ)
  • Fix My Acer
  • Acer Community Forums
  • Acer Community Knowledge Base
  • Acer Answers (Paid Out-of-Warranty Support)

PC Magazine Survey Ratings:

  • Desktop Survey 2006: n/a
  • Desktop Survey 2007: n/a
  • Desktop Survey 2008: n/a
  • Desktop Survey 2009: n/a
  • Desktop Survey 2010: n/a
  • 2011 desktop survey: n/a
  • Desktop Survey 2012: n/a
  • Desktop Survey 2013: n/a
  • Desktop Survey 2014: n/a
  • Desktop Survey 2015: n/a
  • Notebook Survey 2006: n/a
  • Notebook Survey 2007: n/a
  • Notebook Survey 2008: 6.4
  • Notebook Survey 2009: n/a
  • Notebook Survey 2010: 6.4
  • Notebook Survey 2011: 5.7
  • Notebook Survey 2012: 5.1
  • Notebook Survey 2013: n/a
  • Notebook Survey 2014: n/a
  • 2015 Laptop Survey: n/a


Acer has redesigned its support site to try and streamline the process a bit more than its previous version. Most of the information on the site will require your product serial number or prior registration and login to access. Many of the pages require the SNID (serial number) of the article in question. Acer has a page with video instructions on how to locate it.

User survey:

Although I review a lot of products from companies like Acer, I may not have much first-hand experience of using their support departments for assistance. For this reason, I am asking readers who have used Acer’s various support options to rate how they think they were able to resolve their issue. If you have used Acer support via email, web, or phone, please vote in the poll below to let others know how your experience went.