How to change where files are saved in Microsoft Word

If you frequently save your documents to a different location on your hard drive instead of in the My Documents folder, it can be tedious to navigate through your hard drive folders in the Save dialog box. Fortunately, the default location where Word saves your files can be easily changed.

How to change where documents are saved

  1. From the Tools menu select Options
  2. In the dialog that appears, click the File Locations tab
  3. In the box under File Types select the type of file by clicking on its name (Word files are Documents ).
  4. Click the Modify button .
  5. When the Modify Location dialog box appears , find the folder where you want Word to store your saved documents by navigating through the folders as you would in the Save dialog box .
  6. Click OK
  7. click the OK checkbox in the Options box
  8. Your changes will take place instantly.

Please note that files created in other Office programs will be saved to the locations specified in your Options. Also, if you want to move previously saved documents to the new location, you have to do it manually.