Hide mouse pointer on keyboard input

Usually the Windows mouse pointer is always visible , it does not disappear from the screen or Windows desktop. In certain circumstances, however, it can make sense to hide the mouse pointer when writing text .

There is an option for this function in the mouse settings. To hide the mouse pointer while entering the keyboard , you have to do the following.

First you call using the key combination

Change mouse settings

Windows key & “I” the Windows 10 settings. Then the point is

Devices (mouse)

and then again the dot on the left


to call.

Then, as can be seen in the following illustration, you will find the point at the bottom

More mouse options

More mouse options in Windows 10 settings

Then another window with the mouse options appears.

In earlier versions of Windows you will find these functions in the Windows Control Panel and then also under the item ” Mouse “.

Hide pointer on keyboard input

You will then find the desired mouse option in the tab

Pointer options

As you can see in the picture above, you have to activate the following mouse option

Hide pointer on keyboard input

Finally you have to activate the changes with ” OK ” or ” Apply “. Now you can best check it in Word or Wordpad. When you write a text, the mouse pointer disappears from the screen .

As a rule, the mouse settings can all be configured via the registry . So far, however, we have not found a way to control the ” Hide pointer on keyboard input ” function using a registry value. If you know which registry value would be responsible for this, we would appreciate a comment at the end of this article.

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