Forwarding a message in AOL Mail

In early 2017, AOL announced a new desktop version of its software called AOL Desktop Gold and informed users that the previous version of AOL desktop software would be discontinued in the middle of the year. AOL Desktop Gold is available for a monthly fee. Users who do not choose to upgrade to AOL Desktop Gold can access their old email on their previous version of AOL desktop software, but they can no longer send and receive email there. To do this, they can choose to use the free AOL Mail service on the web interface.

Email message deletion is only available from an AOL desktop account and is currently not available in the free web-based interface of AOL Mail.

Reasons to forward an email

Concentration prevents many mishaps, but are you always focused when you write an email and click the Send button in your AOL program? Perhaps you sent the email without the attachment you were referring to in it or realized it needed to be CC’d to additional recipients or saw a glaring error out of the corner of your eye when clicking Send . Maybe you sent an angry missive and now you wish you hadn’t. We’ve all been through it.

Generally, after sending a message, there is no going back or unsending. With AOL Desktop Mail, you may not miss everything. If the message was addressed only to another AOL user whose address ends in or, you can silently delete it from the recipients’ inboxes as long as they haven’t opened the email yet.

Forward a message in AOL Mail

To unsend an email message on an AOL desktop account:

  • Go to the Sent mail folder in AOL. Put a check mark in the box in front of the message you want to override. You can also check multiple messages to retrieve them all at once,
  • Click the Unsend button .
  • Click Unsend again .

Note that you can’t unsend a message if even one of the recipients is an Internet recipient , that is, anyone with an email address that doesn’t end in or