Find files by date in Explorer

Today we would like to show you how you can use Windows Explorer to find files based on a date or a date limit. A few weeks ago we already explained how you can find large files quickly and easily .

Often there is simply a desire to find certain files within a certain date range . Perhaps because you can no longer remember the file name exactly or the location of the file is no longer known. There are many reasons to search for files by date . But Windows Explorer already offers all the functions you need to search for files by date.

Last change date in Explorer

When you start Windows Explorer, you will find a small, nondescript input field in the top right of the window view . This field is the search field by entering the following word.

Modification date:

Windows Explorer recognizes this and then immediately provides the following date selection field .

Explorer modification date

Now you can select the desired date range here . Windows Explorer offers you the following date ranges :


    • today
    • Yesterday
    • This week
    • Last week
    • This month
    • Last month
    • This year
    • Last year

If you choose one of the offered date ranges, you only need to click on it and Windows Explorer starts searching for the files in this date range in the current folder.

Set the date range yourself

However , if you want to define an individual date range when searching for files, you must enter the following in the search field.

Date of change: FROMDATE..BISDATE

Explorer modification date from to

It is important that you insert two points “..” between the search start date and the search end date. Otherwise, the search for the files in the specified date range will not work.

Date range before or after a date

The third option is to list all files that have been changed after a certain date or before a certain date. This then works as follows.

Change date :> DATE (searches for all files that were changed after the specified date)
Change date : <DATE (searches for all files that were changed before the specified date)

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