Emailing files does not work on Windows 10 Version 1709 Fall Creators Update

Since Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Version 1709 , more and more Windows users have reported the problem that files can no longer be sent by email from numerous different Windows programs . You will surely know this function if you open the Explorer context menu directly from Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the file and then the item

Send to

selects. Then you have the opportunity to

Email recipient

to select. This usually looks like this.

Send to email recipients

Usually an Outlook email window opens and the attachment is already attached to the empty Outlook email . Since Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Version 1709 , this is no longer possible . The version of Office that you installed locally on your Windows 10 PC is irrelevant. It no longer works with Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 2016.

Most of them simply no longer open an Outlook e-mail form , but there is no error message when ” Send to “. We cannot currently explain why this is so, but there seems to be a workaround for this “send to” error .

“Send to” in the Fall Creators Update

There are two ways to solve the problems with the “Send to” function . On the one hand, the “repair” of the office installation helps . Simply call ” appwiz.cpl ” and then click Change ” to repair your Outlook installation.

Repair Office installation or Outlook

The second option is still simple, you just have to close Outlook first and then switch to the following path in Explorer.

C: Program Files (x86) Common Files system MSMAPI 1031

The number at the end of the path can vary depending on the version of Office installed. In Office 2007 , it is definitely 1031 . The file is in this directory


If you now simply rename this file, for example in ” MSMAPI32_ALT.DLL ” and then restart your Outlook, Outlook automatically recognizes that parts of the Outlook installation are missing and will then be installed automatically, as you can see here below .

Outlook 2007 repair

Then start Outlook properly and function to files via e-mail directly from Windows Explorer or other applications to send , also works in the case Creators update again.

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