Download Summer, Sun, Beach PREMIUM Wallpaper Set from Microsoft

Due to the great response to the wallpaper set that we reported on a few weeks ago ( 18 beautiful beach wallpapers (background images) for your Windows 10 desktop ), we would like to draw your attention to another beautiful background set from Microsoft today.

Microsoft has packed a total of 10 high-resolution 4K pictures of the most beautiful beach and sun pictures of all values into the premium wallpaper pack “Sun and Sand” for Windows 10 . This wallpaper pack has a total size of 30MB and can be downloaded directly via the link at the end of this article.

To give you a foretaste of these great desktop wallpapers, we have shown below 6 of the most beautiful wallpapers as examples.

Sun and Sand PREMIUM Wallpaper 1

Beautiful paradise tropical beach scenery background concept.

Sun and Sand PREMIUM Wallpaper 2

Summer travel holiday vacation background concept.

Sun and Sand PREMIUM Wallpaper 3

White architecture on Santorini island, Greece. Swimming pool in luxury hotel. Beautiful landscape with sea view

Sun and Sand PREMIUM Wallpaper 4

Sun and Sand PREMIUM Wallpaper 5

Beautiful white luxury yacht against azure sea

Sun and Sand PREMIUM Wallpaper 6

Vacation in tropical countries. Beach chairs, umbrella and palms on the beach.

We hope you like these beautiful sun and still pictures as much as we do and there is already a little holiday feeling .

If you click on the image below from the Microsoft Premium Wallpaper Pack “Sun and Sand” , you will automatically be taken to the download page of this Windows 10 wallpaper theme. The final download is then made directly from the Microsoft Store.

Download Sun and Sand PREMIUM Wallpaper Design Pack

By the way, these individual 10 wallpapers are stored in the following directory after installation.

C: Users % USERNAME% AppData Local Microsoft Windows Themes Sun and S DesktopBackground

This gives you the opportunity to extract one or more selected background images from this directory and to set up only the background images that you like best.

In the next few weeks we will be reported again and again about the latest and most beautiful wallpaper packs from Microsoft . Below you will find a selection of background designs that we have presented in the past few months.

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