Disable autoplay on Windows 10

Aut0play is the automatic playback of media that are connected to a Windows PC. With Autoplay , for example, videos on a DVD are automatically started when the DVD player or DVD is placed in the playback device. This can be very useful on the one hand, especially for inexperienced Windows users , on the other hand it can also be annoying when videos or music are played without being asked.

There are now two ways to disable this autoplay function . We will explain this to you in detail below.

Autoplay in the Windows settings

If you call up the Windows settings app (Windows key + “I”) and enter the search term ” Autoplay “, you can then call up the settings for the ” Automatic playback on or off “.

The corresponding settings window then looks like this.

Use autoplay for all media and devices

Here you only have to change the slide switch for the ” Automatic playback ” from ” On ” to ” Off “.

Of course there are many other setting options in this area of ​​the “Autoplay” function , but we do not want to go into detail here. We will take this up again later in a separate article.

Deactivate autoplay via registry

Of course it is also possible to deactivate the autoplay function via the Windows registry . To do this, simply open the Windows Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and change to the following path.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer AutoplayHandlers

There should then be the following value



If the value does not yet exist, it must be created as a 32-bit DWORD . Incidentally, this also applies to 64-bit Windows systems. ” DisableAutoplay ” can then assume the following values .

  • 0 = Autoplay is switched on
  • 1 = Autoplay is deactivated

By the way, these changes are immediately active, a Windows restart is not absolutely necessary.

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