Change the default search engine provider in the Edge Chromium

As with any browser, it is also possible in the new Edge Chromium that you can change the default search engine provider . As was to be expected, ” Bing ” is of course the standard search engine after downloading and installing the Edge Chromium .

However, since most users prefer to work with search engines other than standard, we show you in this Edge Chromium tutorial how you can change the default search engine.

Change search engine in Edge Chromium.

To do this, first click on the 3 horizontal dots in the Edge Chromium at the top right

and then to the point


in the menu that then appears.

Edge Chromium settings

Then you have to switch to the following area in the settings menu on the left

Privacy and services

Then you have to scroll down on the right side in the options until you reach the ” Services ” area. Then there is the option you are looking for

Address bar (manage search suggestions and search engine used for the address bar).

It is not entirely clear to us why Microsoft has set the search provider settings under the ” Services ” area .

Privacy and Services - Edge Chromium Address Bar

You will then find the best-known Internet search engines in the ” Search engine used in address bar ” area.

This includes the search engines in the standard

  • Bing
  • Yahoo!
  • Google
  • DuckDuckGo

If you miss your desired search engine in the selection list, you can create it yourself by using the option

Manage search engines

used. Here you can create new search engines, edit them, remove them again or set them as the default. As soon as you then close the settings window of the Edge Chromium again, the changes are active and your new standard search engine has been set.

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